Political Action

What is the CWA Political Action Fund?

CWA Political Action Fund (PAF) is our non-partisan political action committee. Through our Political Action Fund, we build power to fight for ourselves as working people, our families, and our communities.

Our CWA Political Action Fund informs and mobilizes union members and families to encourage participation in the political process. Through PAF, CWA members raise our collective voice in politics and policy issues that affect our workplaces, our lives, and our community.

Voluntary contributions to the fund go toward policies and candidates that defend workers’ rights. CWA Members are asked to fill out this card and contribute $5.00 per pay period. See your Shop Steward for a Political Action Fund Form, or simply sign up online here.

CWA Political Action Fund Payroll Authorization Card

CWA political and legislative efforts protect and enforce our rights to form a union and have collective bargaining. Fight to make sure that corporations and wealthy Americans pay their fair share of taxes and do not receive a disproportionate share of tax breaks. Advocate for public spending that meets the needs of working Americans, for things like access to affordable healthcare, workplace safety, childcare, and a healthy environment. Justice on the job and in our communities depends on the preservation of pro-worker legislation and government regulations that protect us where we work and live.

Political action is essential to maintaining the public’s support for our legislative goals, job security, standard of living and a fundamental right to organize. Through our activism in CWA, we can push back and give voice to workers’ concerns.