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CWA Local 1032 Main Office

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Face Coverings and appointments are required.

Please do not send personal medical information through this online form. Contact the local directly.

Staff Contacts:

Migdalia “Mickey” Santiago –

Dudley Burdge –

Mark Teig –

Anthony Tallarico –

Maria Mancuso –

Jennifer Johnson –

Antonio “Tony” Silva –

General Information –

Center for Occupational Employment Information

Healthcare Ombudsperson, Danielle Katsempris Tel. (609) 658-4295

Local Officers

Local President Migdalia “Mickey” Santiago

Local Executive Vice President Chris Warsh

Local Secretary Kim Beczo  

Local Treasurer  Stephanie Nock  

State Bargaining Unit Vice-Presidents:

Vice President, Higher Level Supervisors John Mosser  

Vice President, Primary Level Supervisors Vacant

Vice President, Administrative-Clerical (State Unit) Donna Meredith

Vice President, Professional (State Unit) Anika James

Other Sector Unit Vice-Presidents:

Vice President, Local Government  Rae Ann Gerow

Vice President, Other Sectors John Yancey

Branch Presidents:

Branch I (Judiciary) President Indrani Das

Branch II (DOT North) President Vacant

Branch III (HMFA/DCA) Heidi Conover   

Branch IV Vacant

Branch V (DOT HQ & South) President  Joshua Szulcewski

Branch V Vice President Vacant

Branch VI, Local Government and Private Sector Omer Birbudak

Branch VII (OIT) President Maria Rooney

Branch VIII (Port Authority and Newark Airport) President Jackie Wells

Branch VIII Vice President Vacant

Branch IX, Local Government and Private Sector Thomas Driver

Branch X (Sussex Local Govt.) President Christina Marks