COVID-19 Tests through OptumRx Store

Members of the State/School Employees Health Benefit Plans can now order up to eight COVID 19 home tests a month through the OptumRx on-line store.   While the price of the tests will be zero to members, depending on the cost of the tests to SHBP they may be charged shipping fees.
Please note that ordering through the Optum on-line store is restricted to 8 tests per household per month while up to 32 free COVID-19 home tests  per household per month can be obtained through the pharmacy counters at Walmart, Rite-Aid, and Sam’s Club.   Likewise members may submit receipts to Optum for reimbursement for home COVID-19 tests  for up to 32 tests per month per household (8 tests per person.)   Reimbursement is capped at $12 per test.
Click here to find out which tests are covered and how to get them at little or no cost to you.
Optum Store COVID-19 Test Kit Solution Q&A can be found here.