Update on Discussions with the State of NJ on Office Return – State Workers

Dear CWA Member,

We are writing to update you on the progress of our discussions with the State regarding return to offices.

Like many of you, we have been very concerned watching the number of Covid cases increase in New Jersey, in large part due to the much more contagious Delta variant. Last week we informed the State that with the rising trend of the Delta variant cases, CWA believed that the return to office date should be postponed. The State heard our concerns. Yesterday, Governor Murphy announced that a full return to office by State employees will be pushed back from September 7 to October 18 as a necessary precaution to ensure that the State workforce and the public are protected from the increase spread of the Delta variant. 

The Governor also announced that all State workers must be fully vaccinated by October 18, or undergo COVID-19 testing. CWA believes in vaccinations; they are safe and highly effective, and they are essential to protecting the lives of workers’, their families and the public that we serve. We agree with the US Centers for Disease Control that vaccination is the only route out of the Covid-19 pandemic, which is once again worsening with the rapid spread of the Delta variant. We encourage all of our members to be vaccinated and we believe that a strong majority of members have already done so.

CWA has been in bargaining with the State over the implementation of mandatory testing for thousands of CWA members at veteran’s homes, hospitals, institutions, other congregate settings and State colleges, and those discussions will now include the rest of Executive Branch. We will provide updates on the progress of those discussions.


In solidarity,

Dennis Trainor, Vice President, CWA District 1
Franceline Ehret, New Jersey Area Director, CWA District 1
John Rose, President, CWA Local 1031
Migdalia Santiago, President, CWA Local 1032
Gaye Palmer, President, CWA Local 1033
Adam Liebtag, President, CWA Local 1036
Ken McNamara, President, CWA Local 1037
Shawn Ludwig, President, CWA Local 1038
Carolyn Wade, President, CWA Local 1040