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Sept 15, 2010

July 27, 2010
Greetings Local 1032 Members,

As most of you already know, the referendum to create a New Jersey State Worker Strategic Media and Public Education Fund was voted down by the members by a 3525 to 2201 margin.

On behalf of the leadership and Executive Board of the Local, we would like to thank all of our members who participated in this process. CWA has a long history of being a democratic union and we must respect the decision of the members.

Make no mistake: our fight will continue. Despite the results, you can rest assured that this Local is committed to working to protect our members jobs, wages, pensions and health benefits during these very difficult times. We must recognize that we all have a role in this fight and we know that with the continued support of our members that we will be up for it and we will be even stronger when we prevail.

Once again, we would like to thank all of you who participated and we encourage you to continue checking this website for further updates and information.

In Solidarity,

Patrick Kavanagh, President
Bill Ricci, Executive Vice President
Alan Hardy, Secretary
Paul A. Pologruto, Treasurer

July 20, 2010
Oppose S-2206! No Furloughs without Negotiations!

On Monday, July 19, the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee met to
consider the first of nearly 2 dozen "toolkit" bills proposed by Governor
Christie. Of particular importance for us was S-2206, which the committee
heard for discussion purposes only.

This legislation, sponsored by Senate President Steve Sweeney, would allow
state and local governments (in civil service) - with just 15 days notice -
to institute a temporary layoff, or furlough, at any time and for any reason
without negotiations with the union. The legislation allows for temporary
layoffs of an entire unit at the same time OR for staggered furloughs. You
will remember that last year the courts ruled that furloughs could not be
staggered because doing so would deny individuals their layoff rights under
civil service. In addition to eliminating those protections, this
legislation totally undermines our ability to negotiate wages and hours of
work and essentially renders agreements reached on these terms and
conditions of employment unenforceable. In other words, the union could
bargain wages, reach an agreement, and the employer could unilaterally
furlough workers, thereby reducing wages, regardless of the contractual

The bill even allows the employer to designate paid time taken by an
employee as "unpaid" as part of the temporary layoff as long as it is within
the designated temporary layoff time established by the employer and
approved by the Civil Service Commission.

Not only does this legislation make it possible to institute these temporary
layoffs without bargaining, it doesn't even obligate the employer to provide
the Union with a copy of the temporary layoff plan.

The National CWA, Locals 1032, 1033 and 1036, as well as other public sector
unions, testified in opposition to this legislation. We made clear that
furloughs must be negotiated and this legislation represents an all out
assault on collective bargaining.

In response, we are having a call in day on Wednesday, July 21, to oppose
this legislation. Please see the leaflet and call your
representative. Tell him/her to oppose this legislation!

You can read the bill here:

We will continue to speak out strongly in opposition to this bill and I will
let you know when it is scheduled for committee vote.

In Solidarity,

July 20, 2010
PLB Days

As you know, the Civil Service Commission has proposed a rule that would prohibit the carryover of Paid Leave Bank Days.

The terms of the MOA are very clear on this. Section D.2 states: "The PLB days will be maintained separate and apart from banks of other paid leave and there will be no limitations on the carry over of days in the PLBs.
Specifically, the carry over restrictions that are applicable to paid vacation and adminstrative leave days will not be applicable to PLBs."

Section D.4 further states: "At the time an employee retires, resigns, or is otherwise separated from State Service, either volntarily or involuntarily, any unused days in an employee's PLB will be treated in
accordance with the provisions of Artyicle 22(G) of the parties agreements.

If an employee dies prior to leaving State service with unused paid leave days in his/her PLB, those days will be treated in accordance with Article 22(G)($) of the parties' agreements."

The proposed CSC is not only unnecessary, it blatantly violates the terms of the MOA.

CSC held a public hearing last week at which many CWA locals (including 1032) and the National CWA strongly opposed this rule. The public comment period is open until August 20 and we are hopeful that we can correct this

Be assured, we will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that our MOA is not violated.

In Solidarity,

July 06, 2010
Dear Local 1032 Member,

As you know, voting on the Strategic Media and Public Education Fund was
suspended last month after numerous problems with the voting process. Since
that time, CWA has worked closely with the American Arbitration Association
(AAA) to address our concerns with all voting procedures. After correcting
mailing lists and putting in place procedures for members to acquire PINs
and vote, the referendum on creating this fund is set to go forward. We
apologize for the inconvenience but we wanted to be sure that all members
had the opportunity to vote and we wanted to guarantee that the integrity of
the vote was preserved.

AAA is mailing voting instructions to all members TODAY - July 6, 2010.
Full Members should receive their voting instructions and PIN by the end of
this week. The envelope will come from AAA and will have a CWA logo
prominently displayed on the front. The envelope will also say: "CWA
Strategic Media and Public Education Fund Referendum. Electronic Voting
Instructions Enclosed." If you have not received your ballot by Monday,
July 12, please contact your staff representative or the Local (800 882
1032) and they will assist you. The voting will close at 12 noon on Monday,
July 26th.

Members who voted last time MUST VOTE AGAIN! This is a new vote and your
previously cast vote will NOT be counted. Therefore, please take a couple of
minutes and once again cast your VOTE in this very important matter.

Local 1032 Leadership strongly supports the creation of this fund and
encourages all members to VOTE YES!

We are very proud of the fact that the MOA negotiated last year has held
firm. As part of the FY 2011 State Budget signed last week, the negotiated
raises in July and January will be paid. We were successful in protecting
our members jobs through the remainder of this year. However, there is no
question that we are in the fight of our lives. Governor Christie has made
clear what his priorities are: privatization; the elimination of our civil
service protections and collective bargaining rights; the destruction of
public employee pensions and demands for higher contributions towards the
cost of healthcare; the implementation of wage freezes; and the elimination
of the vital public services we provide. We must be in a position to
effectively build our power as a Union in order to counter Governor
Christie's narrative of destruction and communicate our priorities if we are
going to be successful. That is the goal of the Strategic Media and Public
Education Fund.

The next few months will see the Legislature deliberating Governor
Christie's toolkit proposals, all of which are designed to weaken our rights
as workers - whether they are our civil service rights or our collective
bargaining rights, these proposals are an all out attack on the union and an
attempt to take back that which we have fought for over the years.

We also anticipate a major fight over privatization in the coming months as
well. At any moment, Governor Christie's Privatization Task Force will
release its report and we can expect proposals to privatize many services
currently provided by Local 1032 members. This Local has long been a
leading voice in the fight against privatization. We have sought to tell
the truth about the real costs of privatization and, as our recent efforts
to implement Side Letter 42 at the DOT show, we have fought against efforts
to privatize services that can be more effectively and efficiently performed
by state workers.

Next year we will also be negotiating a new collective bargaining agreement
in what will be a very difficult and hostile environment.

This is the fight of our lives and we must be in the strongest possible
position to FIGHT BACK!

NOW is the time that we must develop the resources to tell our side of the
story when it comes to each of these important issues. That's why we are
asking members to contribute an additional 1/10th of 1%, an average of $2.50
more per pay period, towards the cost of this fund. With both of our 3.5%
raises in place for FY 2011, this is a small amount to pay in order to fight
back, tell our side of the story, and protect our jobs, our pensions, and
our future.

The details of the Strategic Media and Public Education Fund for New Jersey
State Workers are as follows:

1. The purpose of the fund would be to pay for media and public education in
defense of our members' jobs, the services our members provide, their
working conditions, due process rights and benefits.

2. The cost of the fund would be 1/10th of 1% of pay. This cost would be
added to dues and make the dues 1.25% of pay instead of 1.15%. Non-members
will continue to pay 85% of the dues rate and so they will also pay a
portion of the cost.

3. All of the money will be used for New Jersey State Workers alone.

4. The elected State Worker Local Presidents will democratically decide how
the money will be spent.

5. None of the money will be used for political contributions.

6. Expenditures from the fund will be reported to the membership annually.

7. If the money is not needed for Strategic Media and Public Education, it
will be allowed to accumulate. If the fund reaches $10 million, the
additional assessment of 1/10th of 1 percent will stop. If the find drops
below $8 million, the assessment will begin again.

Please continue to visit our website for additional information and to view and listen to ads already produced.


In Solidarity,

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